Let's get Rollin!

ADA Rollers is a collection of 10000 NFT’s based on dice and cards, minted on the Cardano blockchain. Holders can participate in lucky draws for a chance to be airdropped ADA!


Stage #2 coming soon!

Join our Discord and get on the VIP Whitelist to mint at discounted price!


Each ADA Rollers NFT will contain a Dice Hand and a Card Hand. Dice hands are similar to Poker Hands and Card Hands are similar to Black Jack.


Each NFT is generated from 448 different elements with different rarities. There are no two ADA Rollers NFT's that will be the same!


Join our discord and follow the steps to be one of 2000 VIP whitelist members in order to secure your ADA Rollers NFT at a discounted price.

$300k ADA Airdrop!


Pre Launch - Let's get Rolling

Join fellow Rollers on our Discord where we are focused on building a healthy and active community. There will be ongoing giveaways and contests as well as a chance to become a VIP Whitelist member to participate in presales.

Marketing & Preparation

Follow our detailed marketing plan to grow our Discord community and take ADA Rollers to the moon! Paid promotions will happen on Twitter, wencnft.com, cnftcalendar.com, cnftanalytics.io and more. Reach out to influencers on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We will also get ADA Rollers verified on cnft.io and artifct.app.

Stage #1 - 150 NFT's - SOLD OUT

VIP Whitelist members will be able to mint an ADA Roller at a discounted price. Check Discord for more information. After the presale, the remaining ADA Rollers NFT's from the 500 available for Stage #1 will be available to mint by public.

Stage #2 - 350 NFT's - 11th Jan 2022

1000 NFT's will be available to mint (presale & public).

Stage #3 - 1000 NFT's

2500 NFT's will be available to mint (presale & public).

Stage #4 - 2500 NFT's

3000 NFT's will be available to mint (presale & public).

Stage #5 - 3000 NFT's

3000 NFT's will be available to mint (presale & public).

Stage #6 - 3000 NFT's

3000 NFT's will be available to mint (presale & public).

Lucky Draws

$200k in ADA will be distributed via Lucky Draws that will happen between each drop stage. 

Rarity Ranking Associations

ADA Rollers will be listed on cnft.tools and tokenref.com.


Start work on ADA Rollers Merch store (hoodies, t-shirts, caps and more).

Floor Sweeps

20% of royalties will be used to sweep the floor.

There will be 10000 total supply.
100 will be reserved for giveaways and promotions.

Roadmap is subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADA Rollers are 10000 unique NFT’s minted on Cardano with a special utility that allows you to win ADA.

To purchase an ADA Rollers NFT, you must ONLY use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi, or AdaLite! DO NOT use an exchange wallet to purchase an ADA Rollers NFT. If you use an exchange wallet like Coinbase or Binance, you will NOT receive the NFT because those wallets are not supported.

Each ADA Rollers NFT is minted on Cardano blockchain when a user like yourself sends ADA to purchase. The NFT is minted and then sent to the receiving address of the wallet you used to buy the NFT.

There will be 10000 ADA Rollers NFT’s in total.

ADA Rollers NFT’s will only be available to mint from https://adarollers.io/. Do not send ADA to anyone on Twitter or any other platform unless you are purchasing the NFT after it has been sold from ADA Rollers.

For Stage #1, presale mint cost will be 30ADA and public mint cost will be 60ADA. Minting costs for future stages will be announced when the time comes.

You can go to Pool.pm and type in your receiving Cardano address of the wallet you sent your ADA from to purchase your ADA Rollers NFT.

Policy Id: 6608ea318a3285d501a32854c7243aba5460f004833380d21d15e048

If all goes well….very rare! It’s up to the ADA Rollers community at the end of the day. 

When you purchase an ADA Rollers NFT, the NFT you receive will be randomly selected from the available NFT’s.